In times when culinary art, food supplies and different cuisines of the world begin to mix and reach the previously unexplored corners of the world, is when we realize that consumers have dared to try new experiences and flavors, and that they were also increasingly demanding.

As this is happening, we have noticed that the current alternatives avaialble in our market are not enough to fully enjoy the real experience that the different flavors of the world can offer, and that our customers deserve.
Therefore, Novail SpA was founded to fulfill this task ... to bring and also to take to other places of the planet different and new flavors, so that the offer of these and the possibility of experiencing them in fullness is not beyond the reach of any curious palate.

The exercise of the import, export and commercialization of the widest variety of food products that we mentioned, and the pleasure of establishing loyal relationships, fair treatment and mutual trust with our suppliers and customers, is what gives us the confidence that we will deliver, at end of the day, a rich and tasty variety of products, leaving our customers with the appropriate and tasty options that they deserve.